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There is a puddle of fluff on my lap

So on Sunday I asked my mum for a cat. Today is Thursday, and I'm sat on the couch at home with a 12 week old black and white bundle of joy curled up on my lap having a bath. She came home last night, and in the last twelve hours seems to have made herself right at home.

Little Lottie


I think her name's Lottie, we seem to be calling her it anyway. Mum liked it and I just thought it sounded cute. She... well... she's a cat. She doesn't seem to care either way provided she gets a stroke and a Dreamie out of it.

What she does care about is her laser pen. The little red dot turns her into a little laser-guided murderbeast. And it's hilarious to be honest, and it's just so nice to see her play.

Really, I'm just ranting on here because on here I can be ignored :P