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That is all.

We who eat the tasty

It is a bad idea to take munchies when you go to do work. I've been through so much chocolate that I just feel like I'm going to explode.... Urgh, hate hate hate presentations, Starburst Choozers, Cadbury Flakes...

Gonna go explode now X_X

Polite notice to my laptop

Please stop crashing right on the edge of deadlines. It is considered impolite and I may not be responsible for my actions. These go up to, and include, throwing you out of windows. You are now warned. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Because I am lazy

I have started Pokemon FireRed again, for what must be the eight millionth time rather than doing something important like homework. Tonight I am being lazy. I've been so stressed lately I think it's well-earned. Then tomorrow translation. Whoo.

Should I stay or should I go?

Well I really wanna know...  Okay okay I'll stop. But I would really like to know it. Went to a JET presentation in uni today (after a train wreck of a Kanji test so this was to make myself feel better) and everything that was said about it made me want to go more. Only thing is I'm stuck, I don't know if it's just a general desire to get back to Japan or an 'oooo shiny I must run for that' urge. Whatever it is, I think I'm going to apply. Even if I don't get in then at least I'm trying to get something more interesting than the 'oh maybe I'll go see if they want someone who speaks Japanese in Stratford' plan which although is a plan, perhaps isn't the most engaging of plans in the world. I can decide in April if they say they want me. And if they don't.... Well that was mean of them.

Writer's Block: Seeing stars

Which character from any film, television show, or book would you most like to take on a date and why?

Captain Jack Harkness.

Okay, he's a bit of a floozy. Big bit of a floozy actually, but with everywhere he's been and everything he's done can you imagine the stories he could tell? Sitting in a nice restaurant in Cardiff Bay, drinking a cocktail while he tells you about something that's just happened in the Medusa Cascade, or who really was the wife out of him and Captain John... Well I might be the only one out there who'd wish to know that but still...

Whether I'd remember it, or sadly even him, the next day is questionable - he always seems to be a bit retcon happy sometimes.

It's looming over me now

Went to Crewe today. It's an hour away on the Virgin Trains........ It took me three. Three hours of having my soul sucked out of me by a bus driver who had no idea how to get to Coventry and a train that didn't go above four miles an hour. So it was a stressed out little me that finally got into Crewe Station almost half an hour late too!

It wasn't all bad though, got taken out for lunch and my big brother, his mum, my niece, nephew, and Nana Ei and Granddad Bill were there as well as my uncle, aunty and big cousin. It was really fun, I haven't spent time with them since Mark's wedding just before Christmas so it was nice just to be with them with no hassles. All I really did today was talk and wind Mark up for being old, but it was what I think I needed to do. Sit and have a good catch up. I really don't do it often enough and that hit home when I left. It really upset me that that was the only time I'd see them all this year, and it won't be till this time next year I see them again. It sounds stupid but it hurt like I'd been punched for a little while.

Glad today was a complete success though. I'm shattered from the stress of the state of the stupid trains but it feels like a good shattered. Got another set of cheerios to say tomorrow, this time to the Boy and at a time when I'm barely awake so it'll be fun. I have to get up ridiculously early, just in case it's raining because if it is I can't take my baby Bikey so it'll have to be all walking.... for fourty minutes as compared to ten or fifteen to ride. Why does everything have to be so bloody far away?

An eclectic musical taste....

I've yet again managed to do nothing all day.... It's starting to pass a little bit beyond a joke so maybe I should get on with doing things. Mind you, I've done little bits of fun things today.

Met up with Rachel for the first time in months and we had a good mooch round town. We went shoe shopping, and found a wonderful irony in that we were looking for trainers for me and she ended up buying trainers. I actually did get me a nice shiny new pair of trainers in the end, so I'm feeling pretty chuffed. I don't think I've had so many new clothes and shoes since I was tiny and I used to get dragged clothes shopping. Then we had lunch in Pizza Hut, for old times' sake. As a group we always met in there for food.... Then spent over an hour arguing about who was paying for lunch and inexplicably still have far too much money than is actually necessary. Last stop was to see Mamma Mia! and I've found I actually like ABBA's music. I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the songs... Up until now I've never been that fussed by them but now.... I'm probably going to have that CD by the end of tomorrow.

You know Autumn's come when....

...It's bloody cold and absolutely piddling it down with rain. Um, yeah, okay. It's been doing that all summer too. But it's now the first of September, which means it's Autumn. And the year's entered into its closing stages without anyone even noticing. Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised, but it does surprise me every year.

Still not much going on in this little life of mine. I've accidentally gone and double-booked myself Wednesday, I'm meant to be going to Myo's in Coventry and cadets..... I'll work out how to get round that one tomorrow but I'll probably end up appearing at cadets to apologise then race around to Myo's late. On the 'saving me' side I can claim being completely lost. Done bugger all today, too lazy to do anything other than enjoy my first true day off with no work in three months. It makes me happy to do that. Just sprawled on the couch and watching Jurassic Park, and it's still holding all its appeal that scared the hell out of me when I was six years old. It's a shame I'm too sleepy to finish watching it. The video that's been gathering dust for fourteen/fifteen years might be coming out in the morning.

Oh good grief

Some people shouldn't be allowed out. Really shouldn't be allowed out. We tried to turn a corner earlier and this complete arsehole and started f'ing and blinding at us...... Yet he was the dumbass who walked out in front of us. It makes me worry sometimes, but at least all he did was swear. Dumbass.

But in happier news I saw the Boy again today. We went to Frankie and Benny's and I had a really nice meal there - BBQ chicken, bacon and cheese. Then we went to see Get Smart. It's actually pretty funny, bloody brilliant dry humour. It's not often the Americans can pull that off but they did. Definately a DVD I'll buy. Mainly for Bruce. He's sooooooooooooooo cute!

Um, about all really. Another day in my wonderful life ^_^