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Washing Machine Weather

So today I managed to get a flight! This does a happy me make. Apart from the fact that the weather was horrible interesting.

Maybe a little more explanation is in order. The Vigilant is a motor glider, so you get the best of both worlds: a nice little engine so that you can take off without a giant winch/another plane, and a huge wingspan that lets you glide very nicely. The upside: This is an awesome aircraft to fly. The downside: If there's a stiff breeze the huge wingspan lets you know all about it.

Today there was a lot more than a stiff breeze, and my instructor decided that we must go launching up into the great beyond regardless of the almighty gales blasting forth. (A disclaimer before we go any further - It was totally safe and well within legal limits) So, off we went. And it was actually like sitting in a washing machine. We were bounced all the way from Bourton to Fifield. Then we got the rain, just to add to the effect. Surprisingly, I got better at it as we went along as we studied overshoots (the art of giving up a landing as lost and taking off again, without touching the floor) and by the end I'd had an absolute whale of a time. I even managed to pull off a really good landing at the end, hopefully breaking my spell of landing by pulling off three rollers before the final full stop landing (in other words, bouncing along the runway like a very lost and malformed rabbit)!

So, a good day was had really ^_^ A good flight, and lots of laughter.