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Well this looks odd...

So I come on here to have a look around and everything looks so weird and new! Still, now I get to try to break it (yeah, disastrous person and technology again).

I'm quite happy really tonight, it's been a long time since I've really come back and still had the energy to grin. We were quite successful with the greens activities (once the cadets were reminded that they were coming up with the ideas, not the staff) and we've got a nice new CI. He fixed my magic training programme generator tonight as well after I broke it ages ago. I like him now. He will be helping me fix a lot of things over the coming weeks and months. Read: He'll be fixing everything I break.

Tomorrow will be mildly annoying, as I dunno what the hell's going on with work (as the nursery I've been working at has suddenly decided to extend my hours without offering me money in return. That's how I've ended up seeing it anyway). I'll see what happens with that in the new year anyway, I'm seriously considering doing some tutoring as an option. Then I have to race home, get changed and ready for the 637 Christmas argument Party. I'm looking forward to it to be honest, I enjoy socialising with everyone. However I've got to remember to pick Bob up and take him along too. And do all the washing up before mum gets home!

We'll see what happens I think.