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Parental encounters of a nice kind :)

So today (technically yesterday) was actually pretty fun in parts, even though there was a distinct lack of any actual productivity for the vast majority of the day.
I even met a parent who actually showed an interest in what her cadet son was doing, which is a very nice rarity at the moment. She'd very kindly brought her son and another cadet down to the squadron for a gliding induction course, and then retreated to hide in her car with he older daughter. Boys being boys, they promptly ignored her all morning while we were grounded due to fog. So it was an absolute pleasure to go out and have a chat with them when I'd run out of all jobs to pretend to do and make sure they were okay.
During the course of our conversation I offered them a chance to go and sit in the glider, something which I thought would just be basic manners really. They enjoyed it though (although only the daughter got in in the end) and I took waaaay too much pleasure from getting her to pull the airbrake handle without actually telling her what it was for. The thing goes with a bit of a bang and it can be rather surprising to hear it go off the first time. The look of shock on the daughter's face made the morning for me, though I made very certain to show her that she hadn't broken the little Vigilant afterwards.
It wasn't really much contact, but I did feel a bit better afterwards knowing that she hadn't been totally blanked, and had just had a little bit of recognition from the squadron for what she'd done. Sounds stupid, but I know what I mean.
Then I went back to harassing people, which was something I felt a little bit more comfortable with and ended with a nice and fun situation in the Briefing Room:
Dave: You're and NCO, you should polish my boots!
Me (following a significant pause and disparaging look at his (manky) boots): No, I don't take on lost causes thanks.

Made us all laugh anyway