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I am are returned?

Possibly perhaps anyway, you know what I'm like. I turn up, make a few raving posts about how the world is evil and out to get me, then vanish like smoke again. Well, maybe not like smoke. Smoke smells nice (woodsmoke, not deathstick smoke), and makes me feel relaxed. Vanish like the Invisible Man? Woman? Gah, I'll work it out later.

Soooo much hasn't happened, it's probably about time I came back to ramble about it to make myself feel a bit better. If it's not too swear/rant/deeply cutting insults about other peoples' mothers heavy it may even not have the Almighty Private Banhammer dropped on it. Angst goes either way, it depends on the angst bunny savaging me at that moment in time.

Cheeriness would probably be preferable though. Especially to me. Now to go black out in a corner somewhere and update this when I have actual news. More exciting news than 'I haz polisheded my shoez and they iz now all clearglassshiny!' anyway.


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Dec. 27th, 2011 01:37 am (UTC)
Woo! I have a friend (again since I changed account I guess)! Let's clear up the dust
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