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Weeelll aren't I just having fun at the moment? Um, I'll answer that too. NO.

So Thursday was an unprecedented disaster - I think I actually only wrote about 2500 words or something, if that. Bearing in mind that this is a 3000 word essay, what I wrote was nearly 20% less than it was supposed to be. Or 1/5 to make that number a) nice and old fashioned and b) look even bigger (fractions always look bigger to me, though I don't know why). Then, just as a go over with my report to hand in, the girl goes into the office. She does not come out. Big bastard behind the library desk turns with the most unpleasant smirk I've ever seen 'it's 8.45, you were told that was when the library closes' and laughs - LAUGHS - at the girl next to me who is hysterical. Admittedly I wasn't overly happy myself but I just gave up and handed it in online. Then sent a panic filled email to my lecturer. And got no answer. 'Oh well,' I thought to myself, trying not to think melodramatic thoughts about jumping off of high bridges or onto the Merseyrail tracks, just to increase the melodrama to unbearable levels. The Merseyrail thought was abolished purely because the train would naturally be late and I would get cold waiting for my garish yellow-and-grey death. Instead, the far nicer and considerably less melodramatic thing to do would be to return to my hovel, stopping along the way for a fish and chips to curl up with along with a nice DVD and sulk. However, my wonderful plan was foiled by an evil plot. I'd left my bloody purse in the library. Back in Aigburth. It was nearly 10 by this point and I just couldn't be bothered racing back so I stomped home in all the fog and curled up at my laptop sulking anyway.

Friday was little better really. My purse was handed in, so I went to get it (another hour's walk to Aiggy, yay!) and found that there were NO LECTURERS AT ALL to talk to over my handing in predicament. So I email my centre leader, by this point going insane as images of death and despair flit through my mind. Of course, I was too scared to actually just hand the damned thing in, because, of course as soon as it went on the system I was automatically failed. This is what I had been told the previous night by the big bastard. However, when the centre leader not only not replied but I had an out of office reply (officially the most hated thing in the world) I was forced to hand the thing in anyway. I explained my fear to the ladies at the desk and they boggled at me as I told them what I was told. So yeah, big bastard lied to me and made me so terrified I'd fail for no good reason. Seems they don't put it in on anyone's system, they just stamp it. So although it would be stamped as being late, there would be no automatic zero. Big bastard.

And here I am now, trying to think about what to tell the centre leader when he reads my lovely panicky email, and write a 4000 word report on holding a snowboard trial day in Rugby (sorry, it's not actually going to happen though). I have about 400 words done. It's a start, but probably not enough of one. I'll write my arse off for the rest of the week X_X

Next Saturday I am going to Xscape if it kills me.


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Nov. 1st, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic

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