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Today has not been nice :(

Now yes, I know it's entirely my fault I'm stressed. Although I've been piddling round with this stupid tourism essay for ages I never did actually get on with it and now I'm paying for it big stye. Three hours till it's due in and still 2000 words to write. Thankfully though I've got some notes and I know they're i-bloody-relevant but I really don't care. Going to break 2000, then introduce and conclude the thing. That should get me up to around 2500 anyway, then do all my references. If I do manage to get this in it'll be a miracle. It'll be a chippy from Central Cuisine if it;s still open (lobster pot is nicer but can't be bothered walking up a hill juggling enough books to make a rainforest cry) then when i get home it'll be shower and bed. I've got worries and stresses coming out of my ears and just... enough now. I'll be happier when I don't have to worry about anyone anymore.