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There is a puddle of fluff on my lap

So on Sunday I asked my mum for a cat. Today is Thursday, and I'm sat on the couch at home with a 12 week old black and white bundle of joy curled up on my lap having a bath. She came home last night, and in the last twelve hours seems to have made herself right at home.

Little Lottie


I think her name's Lottie, we seem to be calling her it anyway. Mum liked it and I just thought it sounded cute. She... well... she's a cat. She doesn't seem to care either way provided she gets a stroke and a Dreamie out of it.

What she does care about is her laser pen. The little red dot turns her into a little laser-guided murderbeast. And it's hilarious to be honest, and it's just so nice to see her play.

Really, I'm just ranting on here because on here I can be ignored :P

Washing Machine Weather

So today I managed to get a flight! This does a happy me make. Apart from the fact that the weather was horrible interesting.

Maybe a little more explanation is in order. The Vigilant is a motor glider, so you get the best of both worlds: a nice little engine so that you can take off without a giant winch/another plane, and a huge wingspan that lets you glide very nicely. The upside: This is an awesome aircraft to fly. The downside: If there's a stiff breeze the huge wingspan lets you know all about it.

Today there was a lot more than a stiff breeze, and my instructor decided that we must go launching up into the great beyond regardless of the almighty gales blasting forth. (A disclaimer before we go any further - It was totally safe and well within legal limits) So, off we went. And it was actually like sitting in a washing machine. We were bounced all the way from Bourton to Fifield. Then we got the rain, just to add to the effect. Surprisingly, I got better at it as we went along as we studied overshoots (the art of giving up a landing as lost and taking off again, without touching the floor) and by the end I'd had an absolute whale of a time. I even managed to pull off a really good landing at the end, hopefully breaking my spell of landing by pulling off three rollers before the final full stop landing (in other words, bouncing along the runway like a very lost and malformed rabbit)!

So, a good day was had really ^_^ A good flight, and lots of laughter.

Well this looks odd...

So I come on here to have a look around and everything looks so weird and new! Still, now I get to try to break it (yeah, disastrous person and technology again).

I'm quite happy really tonight, it's been a long time since I've really come back and still had the energy to grin. We were quite successful with the greens activities (once the cadets were reminded that they were coming up with the ideas, not the staff) and we've got a nice new CI. He fixed my magic training programme generator tonight as well after I broke it ages ago. I like him now. He will be helping me fix a lot of things over the coming weeks and months. Read: He'll be fixing everything I break.

Tomorrow will be mildly annoying, as I dunno what the hell's going on with work (as the nursery I've been working at has suddenly decided to extend my hours without offering me money in return. That's how I've ended up seeing it anyway). I'll see what happens with that in the new year anyway, I'm seriously considering doing some tutoring as an option. Then I have to race home, get changed and ready for the 637 Christmas argument Party. I'm looking forward to it to be honest, I enjoy socialising with everyone. However I've got to remember to pick Bob up and take him along too. And do all the washing up before mum gets home!

We'll see what happens I think.

Why people need line books

Situation: Remembrance Sunday, in the church service. A female cadet is very unimpressed at being made to leave her beret on.
Cadet: 'But why?'
Me: 'Because all women leave their hats on in church'
Cadet looks around. Not one woman is wearing a hat (On closer inspection one was... a black furry... thing)
Me: 'Just do as you're told!'

Score one for the coherent application of intelligent argument there...

My choices

1: Tidy my bedroom in preparation for the arrival next month of my best friend.

2: Write my GTTR application personal statement.

3: Start completing the many and various books, computer games, chapters from Japanese textbooks I have neglected for too long.

4: Apply for a proper job.

5: Sit on the bed staring at nothing and doing nothing.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
(I chose 5)


So my ears have blocked. It's the weirdest and most horrible sensation I've ever had. Like when you stick your head underwater and the water just doesn't drain away. It's also made my hearing worse than a mouldy fence post's. This is kind of helpful though, as I am currently enduring work in a nursery and there is a lot of screaming.
Speaking of nursery, I really don't like my job. I know I've moaned about work quite a lot, but I hate this one. I don't like babies, and I really don't like jobs where there's no structure or anything to do other than 'oh, just join in the chaos.' What chaos? All I can see is a screaming ball of death that's big enough to hit out and break a tooth if they want to X_ x I know that's uncharitable, but I feel better for getting that off my chest anyway.

Parental encounters of a nice kind :)

So today (technically yesterday) was actually pretty fun in parts, even though there was a distinct lack of any actual productivity for the vast majority of the day.
I even met a parent who actually showed an interest in what her cadet son was doing, which is a very nice rarity at the moment. She'd very kindly brought her son and another cadet down to the squadron for a gliding induction course, and then retreated to hide in her car with he older daughter. Boys being boys, they promptly ignored her all morning while we were grounded due to fog. So it was an absolute pleasure to go out and have a chat with them when I'd run out of all jobs to pretend to do and make sure they were okay.
During the course of our conversation I offered them a chance to go and sit in the glider, something which I thought would just be basic manners really. They enjoyed it though (although only the daughter got in in the end) and I took waaaay too much pleasure from getting her to pull the airbrake handle without actually telling her what it was for. The thing goes with a bit of a bang and it can be rather surprising to hear it go off the first time. The look of shock on the daughter's face made the morning for me, though I made very certain to show her that she hadn't broken the little Vigilant afterwards.
It wasn't really much contact, but I did feel a bit better afterwards knowing that she hadn't been totally blanked, and had just had a little bit of recognition from the squadron for what she'd done. Sounds stupid, but I know what I mean.
Then I went back to harassing people, which was something I felt a little bit more comfortable with and ended with a nice and fun situation in the Briefing Room:
Dave: You're and NCO, you should polish my boots!
Me (following a significant pause and disparaging look at his (manky) boots): No, I don't take on lost causes thanks.

Made us all laugh anyway

I am are returned?

Possibly perhaps anyway, you know what I'm like. I turn up, make a few raving posts about how the world is evil and out to get me, then vanish like smoke again. Well, maybe not like smoke. Smoke smells nice (woodsmoke, not deathstick smoke), and makes me feel relaxed. Vanish like the Invisible Man? Woman? Gah, I'll work it out later.

Soooo much hasn't happened, it's probably about time I came back to ramble about it to make myself feel a bit better. If it's not too swear/rant/deeply cutting insults about other peoples' mothers heavy it may even not have the Almighty Private Banhammer dropped on it. Angst goes either way, it depends on the angst bunny savaging me at that moment in time.

Cheeriness would probably be preferable though. Especially to me. Now to go black out in a corner somewhere and update this when I have actual news. More exciting news than 'I haz polisheded my shoez and they iz now all clearglassshiny!' anyway.
Weeelll aren't I just having fun at the moment? Um, I'll answer that too. NO.

So Thursday was an unprecedented disaster - I think I actually only wrote about 2500 words or something, if that. Bearing in mind that this is a 3000 word essay, what I wrote was nearly 20% less than it was supposed to be. Or 1/5 to make that number a) nice and old fashioned and b) look even bigger (fractions always look bigger to me, though I don't know why). Then, just as a go over with my report to hand in, the girl goes into the office. She does not come out. Big bastard behind the library desk turns with the most unpleasant smirk I've ever seen 'it's 8.45, you were told that was when the library closes' and laughs - LAUGHS - at the girl next to me who is hysterical. Admittedly I wasn't overly happy myself but I just gave up and handed it in online. Then sent a panic filled email to my lecturer. And got no answer. 'Oh well,' I thought to myself, trying not to think melodramatic thoughts about jumping off of high bridges or onto the Merseyrail tracks, just to increase the melodrama to unbearable levels. The Merseyrail thought was abolished purely because the train would naturally be late and I would get cold waiting for my garish yellow-and-grey death. Instead, the far nicer and considerably less melodramatic thing to do would be to return to my hovel, stopping along the way for a fish and chips to curl up with along with a nice DVD and sulk. However, my wonderful plan was foiled by an evil plot. I'd left my bloody purse in the library. Back in Aigburth. It was nearly 10 by this point and I just couldn't be bothered racing back so I stomped home in all the fog and curled up at my laptop sulking anyway.

Friday was little better really. My purse was handed in, so I went to get it (another hour's walk to Aiggy, yay!) and found that there were NO LECTURERS AT ALL to talk to over my handing in predicament. So I email my centre leader, by this point going insane as images of death and despair flit through my mind. Of course, I was too scared to actually just hand the damned thing in, because, of course as soon as it went on the system I was automatically failed. This is what I had been told the previous night by the big bastard. However, when the centre leader not only not replied but I had an out of office reply (officially the most hated thing in the world) I was forced to hand the thing in anyway. I explained my fear to the ladies at the desk and they boggled at me as I told them what I was told. So yeah, big bastard lied to me and made me so terrified I'd fail for no good reason. Seems they don't put it in on anyone's system, they just stamp it. So although it would be stamped as being late, there would be no automatic zero. Big bastard.

And here I am now, trying to think about what to tell the centre leader when he reads my lovely panicky email, and write a 4000 word report on holding a snowboard trial day in Rugby (sorry, it's not actually going to happen though). I have about 400 words done. It's a start, but probably not enough of one. I'll write my arse off for the rest of the week X_X

Next Saturday I am going to Xscape if it kills me.


Today has not been nice :(

Now yes, I know it's entirely my fault I'm stressed. Although I've been piddling round with this stupid tourism essay for ages I never did actually get on with it and now I'm paying for it big stye. Three hours till it's due in and still 2000 words to write. Thankfully though I've got some notes and I know they're i-bloody-relevant but I really don't care. Going to break 2000, then introduce and conclude the thing. That should get me up to around 2500 anyway, then do all my references. If I do manage to get this in it'll be a miracle. It'll be a chippy from Central Cuisine if it;s still open (lobster pot is nicer but can't be bothered walking up a hill juggling enough books to make a rainforest cry) then when i get home it'll be shower and bed. I've got worries and stresses coming out of my ears and just... enough now. I'll be happier when I don't have to worry about anyone anymore.